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How to Grow Wings


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“Corporate Caterpillars ... defines the process of change in terms of a dynamic progression that is experienced by all involved and not merely directed as a top-down approach.”

– Laurie


Early in my career I felt driven to write a book about my experiences as a newly qualified microelectronics engineer. Something about the holistic nature of engineering had me buy my first journal and write the first few pages. As my career developed and I moved into management (I was a terrible designer), I bought more journals and started writing this book again and again. More than 25 years of inspiring change and growth in companies large and small and 30 incomplete journals, I finally started Corporate Caterpillars – How to Grow Wings.

This book does not profess to make the business of business easy. It is not modeled on a single analogy like the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, nor does it reduce the concept to a set of simple steps. What it does strive to do is to recognize the richness of reasons why we often seem to be left with few choices. This book shows how to move from a world of limited options to a realm of limitless possibilities, whether for an individual or for an enterprise. This book is designed to inspire. It provides a kind of “blueprint” you can use to create your own individual and corporate transformation to move from limited to limitless.

Everything shows up exactly when it is supposed to. You are interested in this book perhaps because you feel that either you or your company is stuck in some way. As an individual maybe you have caught yourself repeating a pattern to sabotage your efforts to get to where you want to be. Perhaps you are a CEO, CFO, president, vice president, department manager, or project leader. Probably you are a business leader in a position to effect change in your organization; maybe your enterprise is a small family business or an international conglomerate. It matters not whether your company is a for-profit or a not-for profit, a public or a private enterprise, this book will help you transform both you and your company.

Corporate change is most effective when the leaders of the company themselves embrace change as a way of altering the trajectory of their company. By combining business experience, deep knowledge of the transformation field, and a track record of personal growth and development, Corporate Caterpillars – How to Grow Wings will give you real insight into your own personal growth and development. It then goes a step further, showing how to apply those same insights as a tool to help your company grow and develop into the success story you want it to be.


Chapter 1 – “Awareness”

Introduces the all-important first step of the journey—to develop awareness. Awareness is a kind of unfolding. Essentially it is the process of waking up from automatic habits. I will use the learning process and a few real-world examples from my own experience to show how and why we develop these habits and how to become aware of them.

Chapter 2 – “Getting Real”

Is all about getting honest. And getting real can be tough. It is achieved by finding a safe place where we can be vulnerable. We start to see our automatic and hidden habits, beliefs, and attitudes so we can consider making changes consciously.

Chapter 3 – “The Bare Necessities”

Covers the process of building this essential foundation, which is so often skipped. It is the process that enables different voices from within the company to share their ideas about where the company could be going that is most important.

Chapter 4 – “On Purpose”

Goes on to help readers understand that they must clearly identify who they are and what they stand for, both on a personal and a corporate level as an essential step toward developing a strong, identifiable brand. Are we there yet? This oft-repeated phrase is all too familiar to parents traveling with small children.

Chapter 5 – “A Chunk at a Time”

Explains how to make goals more achievable by dividing them into smaller pieces, establishing phases with realistic time frames and grouping related tasks together.

Chapter 6 – “Removing Obstacles”

Will show readers how to identify their own and their companies’ limiting beliefs, attitudes, and habits and explains how shining a light on these roadblocks is the way to make them disappear. No man or woman is an island.

Chapter 7 – “Much-Needed Help”

Provides specific guidelines to help ensure that a support network can work as a catalyst for real growth and change.

Chapter 8 – “Transformation”

Explores the connection between the transformational process of volunteerism and charitable giving on a personal level and shows how companies that tap into the positive effects of this phenomenon by making giving part of their corporates culture can reach new levels in their own growth and development.